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Kerala State Social Welfare Board
Kerala State Social Welfare Board is an autonomous body has been functioning under the aegis of Central Social Welfare Board since 1954. It is a one of the pioneer organization functioning for the holistic development of women and children in our state through NGOs, Mahila Samajams and grass root level organizations.

The main objective of the board is to develop and implement various welfare programs by using scientific methods and approaches through people’s organizations for the people welfare.
The last six decades our society has undergone various positive and negative, upward and downward and veridical and horizontal changes in economy, science and technology, social and cultural scenario. Such changes have affected the stability of our society due to emerge of new social problems like divorce, domestic violence, un employment, nutrition, under employment, drug addiction. Etc. It is proud to mention here that State Board has strengthened and channelized its missionary for solving the social evils by needs of implementing various welfare and empowerment programs.
 More over the last two decades change of the society is far faster than we expected. It is due to economic liberalization, technological development and emerges of consumer culture. In order to find solution for such complex social problems we have to implement the programs with more scientific approach. Social welfare board has helped the society to overcome such social evils by implementing various multi sectored programs to the needy people.
Now we are in 12th five year plan, the department of ministry are taking of various empowerment programs for the down trodden of the society. We hope in this changing scenario , state social welfare board under takes various assignments, targets to build and mould a better tomorrow for the next generation.
At last but not least, state board expect your open hearted support and suggestions for achieving more gender inclusion towards our mission  for social fabrics.

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PHONE:-0471 2352258,FAX:04712352082

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